Built on the Power of Automation

Our platform utilizes state of the art technology. We have developed custom designed AI modules which are capable of choosing the right products and updating prices of millions of product every minute everyday. Thus, providing our users with the latest deals and correct pricing to help them make better decisions.

×We have custom AI powered modules which are capable of handling thousands of requests each minute. Our machine learning models are trained using shopping data gathered from more than 100 stores thus providing us with the right decisions at the right time.

Our Standards

Reputed Merchants

Our team carefully selects the well-established merchants who are known to provide the industry leading customer service to our users. We tend to prioritize deals from merchants who are consistently rated from our previous deals.

Hand-Picked Deals

All of the deals posted on our site are reviewed and prioritized by according to their quality by our experienced staff. Deals which are not upto our standards are removed from the platform.

Why we're ahead of our competitors

QuikCompare is based on dynamic content and it automatically fetches latest price of the products in every specific intervals. This helps us to detect sudden price drops in the products and show them to the users. Our platform also has features like 180 day price history, price drop alerts and more. Our community is our another strong point who helps us to bring the consistent amount of deals. Our perfect combination of automation, community and our deals expert, make quikcompare the best website to search for the deals/coupons.

Working with more than 200+ leading merchants

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